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One challenge with healthcare furnishings is to find a synthesis between the high demands of the venue and aesthetic appeal, as studies show that a comfortable environment is linked to good patient outcomes. Manufacturers and designers are thus making efforts to introduce biophilic elements, bright patterns/colors, and furnishings with a residential feel. Common categories include overbed tables, caregiver stools, bariatric seating, treatment chairs, and sleepover seating. Technology carts and wall stations recognize the needs of providers – speeding up workflow while enhancing ergonomic comfort for doctors and nurses.

The office has evolved and expanded into today’s dynamic spaces. Versatility is paramount, as the workplace must adapt to fluid working styles. Elements that support this new paradigm include sit/stand desks and other height-adjustable systems, modular workstations that may be individualized to support different degrees of openness and privacy, and fully enclosed pods that house individuals or small groups for focused work or collaboration.