The office has evolved and expanded into today’s dynamic spaces. Versatility is paramount, as the workplace must adapt to fluid working styles. Elements that support this new paradigm include sit/stand desks and other height-adjustable systems, modular workstations that may be individualized to support different degrees of openness and privacy, and fully enclosed pods that house individuals or small groups for focused work or collaboration.

Height-adjustable tables that allow the user to alternate between sitting and standing positions. May be part of a freestanding furniture system.

Products that integrate technology within office environments; includes technology/video walls, teleconferencing systems, and sound-masking products.

For the modern office, open plan workstations are a necessity. Tight, isolating cubicles and closed offices no longer work for today's collaborative working environments. Choose modular and paneled systems that allow for workers to interact, brainstorm, and create new solutions.

A whole range of flexible solutions for on-demand privacy in the workspace. The choices range from sofa and booth style seating with optional high-backs for noise attenuation and a sheltered feel; to “nest” configurations with 300-degree enclosure and open ceilings; to completely enclosed pods with glass walls, soundproofing, air filtration, integrated power/data, and visual monitors.

Today’s private offices make the most of valuable floor space with an array of strategies to integrate work surface, storage, and communication needs. Systems furniture synthesizes desks and storage, offering options like wall nooks, overhead cubbies, and coordinating credenzas. Many units feature cabling channels for seamless incorporation of power and data. Workwalls make use of wall space with low profile elements that integrate worktop, display units, and storage.