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The office has evolved and expanded into today’s dynamic spaces. Versatility is paramount, as the workplace must adapt to fluid working styles. Elements that support this new paradigm include sit/stand desks and other height-adjustable systems, modular workstations that may be individualized to support different degrees of openness and privacy, and fully enclosed pods that house individuals or small groups for focused work or collaboration.

Open-plan systems that encourage collaboration by situating people in close proximity at open, bench-like work surfaces; may include storage, visual privacy, and media display options.

From statement pieces to more subtle options, conference tables vary in form and function. Choose from glass, solid wood, mixed materials, and more. Many contemporary conference tables feature integrated power and data.

Typically used at a desk in a private office or at a table in a conference or boardroom. Limited control features and often styled with padded arms and high backs or headrests.

Pedestal files, unattached to any system component, in various drawer/file combinations. Mobile units have casters.

Designed for individual seated use. Not part of an integrated private office system.

Height-adjustable tables that allow the user to alternate between sitting and standing positions. May be part of a freestanding furniture system.

Stationary shelving that provides large-capacity, high-density, space-efficient storage.

Typically used at a desk, table, or work surface. Highly adjustable with arms and multiple control features that support longer-term sitting.

Products that integrate technology within office environments; includes technology/video walls, teleconferencing systems, and sound-masking products.

Various filing products including lateral and vertical files as well as customized storage racks/bins for unconventional items.

Sometimes referred to as desking systems, these spine-based, desk-based, table-based, wall-based or storage-based systems are not dependent on panels or frames to support work surfaces and other components. May include desk-mounted privacy screens or stanchions that support overhead storage or shelving.

Typically used in settings that support collaboration. Somewhat adjustable with arms and limited control features that suppport moderate-term sitting.

A variety of work-centered surfaces that may be chosen or customized to suit a given organization’s unique needs. They may be low for seated working, high for standing, bi-level, or adjustable. Some feature incorporated storage, integrated power/data, or rolling casters for mobility. Pull-up tables offer a compact surface that can be pulled up to any seat for an impromptu workspace.

Systems furniture that uses interconnecting vertical monolithic panels or frames with attaching skins to divide space, form workstations, support work surfaces and other components, and route power and data cables. Panels and frames may also be used with freestanding products.

A whole range of flexible solutions for on-demand privacy in the workspace. The choices range from sofa and booth style seating with optional high-backs for noise attenuation and a sheltered feel; to “nest” configurations with 300-degree enclosure and open ceilings; to completely enclosed pods with glass walls, soundproofing, air filtration, integrated power/data, and visual monitors.

Designed to provide a set of complementary components that are integrated functionally and aesthetically. (Note: Components–work surfaces, storage elements, mobile elements–should be reported as part of Private Office Systems.)

When mobility is paramount, training tables provide quick set-up and easy take-down/storage. Many models feature rolling casters and flip-up/nesting functionality. Some are also modular, with connecting/ganging options for large meetings or collaborative sessions. Markerboards and dividers may also be incorporated, and some offer innovative options like easy conversion into a recreation table for Ping-Pong or other table games.