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Vinyl Flooring

An expansive category with many different incarnations, vinyl refers to a synthetic material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is cost-effective and very durable. Homogenous sheets are a premium long-lasting product with a uniform material throughout its thickness, making it ideal for high-traffic. Heterogeneous sheets are made of different layers, thus providing design variability. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) provides the look of real wood, stone, or ceramic. Woven Vinyl tile (WVT) uses a vinyl textile to create the look and texture of a woven material.

A vinyl flooring made of multiple thin sheets pressed together with a printed top layer. Heterogeneous vinyl flooring offers a low-cost, low-maintenance option with the durability of vinyl and a great variety of design and color options.

A dense, single-layer vinyl flooring product. Homogeneous sheets combine the durability, stain-resistance, and water-resistance of vinyl with the superior aesthetic of a uniform sheet. Homogeneous sheets offer an unparalleled depth of color as well as enhanced resistance to fading and scuffing.

A premium flooring product, LVT uses a high quality print film to effectively mimic the look of hard surface flooring like wood or stone. It thus provides a desired aesthetic at a lower price point with the added perk of excellent durability and long-life. Options include planks and tiles for customized designs, including chevron and herringbone patterns.

Technically defined as vinyl flooring with a minimum 34% composition of vinyl or binder, solid vinyl tile offers durability, water resistance, and consistent designs and patterning.

A blend of vinyl, natural limestone, filler materials, binders, and color pigments. VCT is a durable and affordable flooring option widely used in healthcare and educational venues. Because it’s porous, VCT requires significant maintenance over the long term, making it a good choice for projects requiring minimal upfront costs.

A partial vinyl product that contains high amounts of natural materials with lower VOCs than traditional vinyl. VET is also recyclable, making it an eco-conscious choice that offers resilience and design flexibility, while requiring less maintenance than many other vinyl flooring options.

Flooring that uses vinyl thread to create woven carpet or carpet tile that resembles a traditional textile. Woven Vinyl flooring offers the durability and resilience of vinyl with the texture and appearance of a true textile. Also available with thread made of a renewable vegetable compound rather than petroleum-based vinyl.