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Likely the most comfortable flooring (and the best insulator too), carpeting is widely used everywhere from hotels and homes to educational institutions and commercial settings. Modular carpeting (carpet tiles) allows for more customization and ease of installation than traditional broadloom.

So named because it’s produced on wide carpet looms, broadloom carpet typically comes in a standard 12-foot width, though other widths are available. It’s usually cut to length for wall-to-wall installations but may also be finished along the edges for use as a rug or runner. Valued for its seamless appearance and affordability, broadloom carpet is available in many patterns and textures.

Designed to attract dirt and absorb moisture, entry-walk off carpet features stiff bristles for maximum absorbance—effectively cleaning shoes of users and preventing debris from getting tracked inside. They’re also non-buckling/non-slip to prevent trips and falls. Available as broadloom carpets/mats as well as modular tiles.

Also known as carpet tiles. Many shapes and sizes are available—squares, rectangles, and thin shapes for edge accents. Carpet tiles are an eco-conscious solution: they pack flat, reducing transportation costs; they may be removed and replaced in case of damage or stains; and, compared to broadloom, they’re easier to bring to the installation location. Options include peel-and-stick and raised interlocking systems.