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Thonet manufactures metal, wood, lounge, tandem, and modular seating, as well as tables, sofas, and benches for various contract markets including educational, healthcare, hospitality, and institutional. The Thonet portfolio includes bariatric chairs for hospital settings and café tables for restaurants and hotels.

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Part of the CF Group portfolio, which is headquartered in Newport, TN, Thonet creates distinctive furnishings that are hand-built by American craftsmen. Founded in 1830 by Michael Thonet, the company experimented with bentwood furniture long before the process was widely used in the furniture industry. Thonet eventually became known for their innovative bentwood products, as well as for tubular steel furniture.

  • CX-Tandem— Available in one, two, three, four, and five-seat modular configurations, the CX-Tandem system offers high style and infinite configurations. The design of John Caldwell, CX-Tandem features an aluminum frame with rustproof hardware. Its wall-saver frame design means it won’t damage public areas and allows clients to change the seating’s location. Ten wood finishes, three powdercoat options, and a wide range of fabrics and mesh means clients can choose the style that complements their space. Various arm styles and attached tables give CX-Tandem even more flexibility.
  • Moss-Nook— Designed to create “the ideal collaborative environment in any public space,” Moss-Nook is an easy, comfortable lounge seating solution that encourages social and work interactions. Easy to configure, Moss-Nook features privacy screens, a special high back that affords users a welcome sense of privacy, so they can have their own nook within a larger, public space, whether in corporate, education, or healthcare venues. Power outlets, table connectors, and coordinating tables give Moss-Nook extra functionality. Arranged in rows, semi-circles, or snaking lines, Moss-Nook works in virtually any space.
  • Series C Primaries Chair— Built for the little ones, the Series C Primaries Chair plays with big, bold shapes in a small package. The seat of this maple molded plywood chair is cut in the shape of a triangle, while the seat is circular—a study in primary shapes. The back of the kid’s chair includes a horizontal slot that works for easy handling of the chair. For child safety, Series C features edges that are shaped to a soft radius. An exposed veneer or upholstered seat gives educational institutions much-needed choices. Designed by Dorsey Cox, Series C Primaries Chair is a proven standard in children’s contract furniture.

Thonet operates in an environmentally responsible way: the company’s manufacturing facilities strive to reduce waste, minimize the carbon footprint, and use recycled and recyclable materials. Additionally, Thonet purchases only FSC hardwoods for its tables and chairs. The company’s European facility is one of only a select few factories using renewable energy from wind turbines.



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810 West Hwy 25/70
Newport, TN 37821

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