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OFS designs and manufactures modern and innovative business furniture. Its collection includes tables, casegoods, swivel seating, guest seating, lounge seating, and occasional tables.

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OFS believes that “interior design is at the very core of corporate culture today.” The company’s furniture hence connects people with architecture in a way that promotes success. Paying attention to utility and beauty, as well as detail and performance, has enabled OFS to be successful. In business for over 75 years, OFS maintains showrooms across the country, in Washington D.C., Santa Monica, Chicago, Dallas, and New York.

  • Eleven— Designed by Swiss architect Daniel Korb, Eleven combines functionality, connectivity, storage, and media in a sleek, refined aesthetic. Korb’s belief that “furniture is architecture on a different scale” drives the collection’s seamless pieces, which work together to create a space that’s conducive to technology while complementing the contemporary office. Eleven products include a media table, media glass, and storage (including credenzas, bookcases, and wardrobes). Eleven Media Table offers a smooth expanse perfect for presentations and video conferencing. Plus, universal monitor housing organizes data and power connections. Unobtrusive bent legs at the four corners keep sightlines open and space available.
  • Flexxy— “Inspired by the surface flow of the Sansevieria plant, “Flexxy provides an ergonomic seat and back joined by the arms, which serve as critical connection points while creating visual interest. The twisted structure creates strength without compromising the thin edge throughout the entire frame. An integrated mechanism means users can adjust the chair “without disrupting the chair's flow.” Available in two back heights and three frame colors, Flexxy is flexible in style too.
  • Symphony— A truly sculptural piece, Symphony Bench rises and falls in graceful sweeps, each indentation its own seat. The design of Tim Murphy, Symphony is ideal for waiting and common areas, especially those within modern buildings where form and structure dominate. Lifted on cast aluminum legs, the formed plywood seat accommodates two to eight persons with comfort and style.
  • Waltz— One of the members of the OFS lounge family, Waltz provides elegant curves and unexpected functionality. An upholstered chair with a wood frame, Waltz hides an upside-down U-shape beneath, which creates visual interest and acts as a niche for its coordinating ottoman. The wooden sides and bottom create an outline for the upholstered chair. Additionally, the wood flares at the sides of the chair, creating armrests, as well as a sense of motion.

A member of the OFS Brands family, OFS has a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. The company aims to prevent pollution, minimize waste, encourage recycling, and use non-hazardous materials in its manufacturing.





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1204 East 6th St.
Huntingburg, IN 47542

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