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Mitab Furniture

Mitab works with creative designers to offer conceptual products for contemporary interiors. The Mitab collection includes chairs, barstools, tables, sofas, easy chairs, and coat racks, as well as miscellaneous pieces such as magazine racks and screens.

  • +46 140-530 00
  • Fraktgatan 2, Box 426
  • 573 23 Tranås, Sweden


One of the leading Swedish design furniture companies, Mitab has been manufacturing quality furniture for more than 30 years. Located in Tranås, a region with a long tradition of furniture manufacturing, Mitab is led by the second generation of the Torstensson family. The company’s unique, contemporary style is also egalitarian: “Our belief is that design should be available to the masses.”

  • Boet: New in 2012, Boet is a barstool developed by the Stockholm-based studio NOTE. Inspired by the bird’s nest (Boet is Swedish for nest), Boet juxtaposes different materials—hard metal and soft cork—in order to create a dynamic design. Like a nest, which is “among the trees, high up, and safe,” the soft seat of Boet invites users to sit and rest. Unveiled at London Design Festival, Boet represents the artistic philosophy of Mitab: “Creativity, innovative use of material and aesthetic concern bordering on graphic design.”
  • Button – Spare Part Edition: Not a stool or a sofa, Button is a versatile piece of lounge furniture meant to inspire “relaxing conversations or pause.” The Spare Part Edition of this round piece of furniture came about after Mitab visited a textile factory and set eyes on its vast array of spare or waste parts. Since “being careful of our resources is an important element of lasting design,” Button captures sustainable design in its “true patch-work spirit.” Each piece is created by Mitab, with different fabrics picked and combined by hand, giving Button an element of surprise: “As a customer you can not decide the product’s appearance.” A button at the center of Button keeps all the different fabrics in place. Designed by From Us With Love, Button – Spare Part Edition is available in 69 or 102-cm diameters.
  • Cumulus Sofa: A modular sofa system for restaurants and lounge environments, Cumulus marries comfort and function: “Cumulus brings the comfort and generous feeling of a domestic sofa together with the functional and technical qualities needed to meet the demands of restaurants, hotels and lounge environments.” Different modules—one-seater, two-seater, and corner unit—combine to meet the needs of spaces large and small. The design of Jonas Wagell, Cumulus is as welcoming as a cluster of puffy clouds.
  • Mitab does not rest on its laurels. Recently, the company has been collaborating with young designers to produce conceptual pieces. Because Mitab believes that “furniture is not just furniture,” it strives to move ahead by developing innovative pieces: “We bring energy and creativity to our design with ambitions to improve further.”


Fraktgatan 2, Box 426
573 23 Tranås

Tel +46 140-530 00