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Much like a sculptor painstakingly and studiously removing the superfluous to reveal the essential, MDF Italia practices design by subtraction: “The removal of what is not essential, and the intense search for simplicity.” Revered across the globe for their light touch—their minimalist’s approach to functionality and aesthetics—the company offers a vast collection of furnishings for residential and contract venues, including sofas, chaises lounges, armchairs, multi-purpose chars, tables, and beds.


Known for a deft synthesis between a contemporary and modern aesthetic, MDF Italia is consistently on the leading edge of design. The company’s reputation for producing high quality and stylistically bold furnishings results, in large measure, from an active recruitment of leading designers. In recent years, MDF Italia has enjoyed the talents of Jean-Marie Massaud, Ennio Arosio, and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, among many others.

  • Lofty Chaise Lounge— With the possible exception of Le Corbusier’s timeless LC4, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga’s Lofty Chaise is arguably the world’s most iconic chaise lounge. By employing engineering, math modeling, and geometrical principles, Cazzaniga was able to create what is essentially a one-legged lounge, as the piece achieves an exquisite symmetry of form and function that enables it to self-support on a single enigmatic point of contact. The model in bright chromed steel is perhaps the most stunning, but options in rigid or foamed polyurethane, leather, and upholstery are equally compelling.
  • ElevenFive— Bruno Fattorini’s ElevenFive is a self-supporting wall panel system incorporating shelves and cabinets. In addition to offering the tremendous stylistic boon of multiple colors (panels in four finishes, cabinets in two, and shelves in eight), ElevenFive synthesizes modular and permanent elements. The wood fiberboard panels are fitted with integrated (and barely visible) receptacle slots, allowing easy adjustment to accommodate objects of varying heights, widths, and depths. The ensemble maximizes space while imparting a clean and polished look—versatile enough to fit with any decor.
  • Yale Low Tables— Jean-Marie Massaud’s collection of Yale Low Tables is both supremely modern and impressively elegant. Constructed of a lacquered aluminum frame, the line features an impressive range of finish options—lacquered white matte aluminum, marble, or Paperstone. The first creates a seamless line from top to bottom, establishing a minimal and modern aesthetic; the second turns Yale into a museum quality piece that’s classic as well as contemporary; and the third imparts a distinct ecological ethos, as this innovative material is made from recycled paper finished with non-toxic vegetal water- or oil-based resin.

A perennial participant in A&D’s principal exhibitions—including Salone del Mobile, NeoCon, and IMM Cologne—recent designs by MDF Italia have received multiple industry awards: the Bend Chair by Jehs+Laub (Interior Innovation Award, 2012), the Yale Sofa by J.M. Massaud (ADI Compasso d'Oro, 2011), and the Tense Table by P&M Cazzaniga (ADI Design Index, 2010). These widespread accolades demonstrate that MDF Italia has consistently met the mandate to produce simple yet aesthetically compelling furnishings, pieces exhibiting, in equal measure, high function and high art— “Rigour, method, and cultural simplicity together with the continuous and intelligent strive for updating have always characterized the creativity of MDF Italia.”

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