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Mannington Commercial

Mannington Commercial is the only U.S. manufacturer to make both carpet and hard surface flooring for the contract market available through one salesforce. They produce the broadest range of choices that work in flooring solutions – from broadloom and modular carpet to resilient sheet and VCT to premium rubber tiles and wall base to engineered wood.


Using strong nylon 6,6 fibers, a range of high-tech patented backings and a number of original and environmentally sensitive chemical treatments to keep its product clean, long-lasting and looking good, Mannington Commercial has pioneered a revolutionary new approach to flooring. A family-owned business, Mannington prides itself on taking care of its employees at factories and showrooms around the country, and it is a major philanthropic donor to local and national charities. This commitment to its community extends to Mannington's unfailing dedication to sustainable design and environmentally friendly practices. Mannington Commercial's floorings earn points towards a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, with which Mannington works closely, as it does with a number of other third party environmental certifying organizations. Mannington has developed a ground-breaking recycling protocol called LOOP, which reclaims post-consumer products such as old carpeting, vinyl tile and drywall, and transforms them into stunning new flooring.

  • Carpeting — Available in broadloom or modular sizes, Mannington Commercial carpeting is among the most renowned. Mannington's entire carpet line recently underwent a sweeping overhaul in design and construction, particularly in its seamless broadloom products. Mannington's carpets are built to last, reducing waste and saving money, to which end its trademarked XGuard, ColorSafe and MCare technologies protect against stains, color-loss from bleaching and microbial contaminants. With a number of distinct backings for custom settings, each designed to exacting international standards and made of recycled materials, Mannington undergirds its carpeting with firm support. While retaining many of its classic products, Mannington has introduced a wide array of new concept and patterns to inspire and stimulate the modern office environment. With bold contemporary designs like the Sentana and the Continuity, both available in a dizzying range of colors, Mannington dares to sell a carpet that doesn't just lie passively underfoot-- it helps shape the space you work in.
  • Resilient Flooring — Mannington Commercial is a leader in vinyl composition tile (VCT), a tough, versatile plastic flooring option, which Manninington manufactures with a high percentage of recycled VCT, using a unique proprietary process called LOOP. Mannington's VCT comes in every color and pattern under the sun, including a range of gorgeous wood-grain patterns and stains, which capture all of the warmth and beauty of real wood with none of the expense or maintenance. Mannington Commercial VCT features Quantum Guard HP, a patented urethane and aluminum oxide finish which resists stains, wear and aging better than any other top layer in the industry, meaning that these floors require no polishing or buffing whatsoever. Besides the myriad environmental and aesthetic advantages of Mannington VCT, it comes with a 10 year warranty on the tile and the finish, and Mannington's nationwide team of representatives can assist costumer in person in the event of any problems.
  • Rubber Flooring — For long-lasting, brightly colored, maintenance-free flooring that is both non-skid and completely silent underfoot, look no further than Mannington Commercial's superior quality Rubber Tile. With every color from "Chile Pepper" to "Sundew," and a range of relief textures to reduce slipping, noise, scuffing and abrasion. Mannington's thermoset vulcanized rubber is ecologically sound and includes a 10 year warranty. Besides tile, Mannington produces a complete spectrum of premium rubber flooring, including wall base, stair tread and finishing accessories.
  • Other Flooring — To round out its comprehensive offerings, Mannington Commercial manufactures traditional porcelain tile and real wood flooring to the highest standards in the industry, and at remarkably affordable price-points. Mannington's gorgeous wood floors are made from 100% North American hardwoods, including hickory, maple, oak, and walnut, for both the top face and the inner plies, and are available with a selection of distinct stains and finishes for looks that range from rustic to sophisticated. Mannington Commercial's porcelain tile are elegant and versatile, naturally antimicrobial and prove more durable and resistant to stains and scratches than any other flooring available.






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