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Interior Arts

InteriorArts is a complete collection of hpl design laminates featuring textured and trending wood and material looks you won’t find anywhere else. GreenGuard-certified, InteriorArts is sold through our nationwide distributor network. From the same company that brings you Chemetal and Treefrog.

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InteriorArts is a complete collection of designer high pressure laminates (HPL)that are ideal for interior design spaces of any size. InteriorArts are laminates with a difference, the collection features trending wood and industrial looks design professionals won’t find anywhere else. For example, Interiors Arts now features 5 industrial cement and concrete looks, based on the popularity of InteriorArts #2001 Cracked Cement, which was featured prominently as a multi show backdrop for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Most recently, it is installed as part of the set design on ABC’s Good Morning America tv show. These industrial looks are great and interesting neutrals, the whites and grays play well with colors, and the textured design lends a realistic depth to design spaces. Last year, InteriorArts introduced 37 new laminate designs that included 5 walnut wood iterations or varying shades, 4 new oak colors, and 5 gently textured “linen” and denim designs. Additionally, the new collection included darker texturedstone designs that are ideal complimentary and background colors. InteriorArtslaminates are GREENGUARD certified for low VOCs and available in 4’ x 8’ sheets. They are ideal for vertical and light duty horizontal use in interior spaces. Thicknesses are .028" and.034", depending on design. Custom options are available. InteriorArts is brought to market by the same company that sells Chemetal and Treefrog Veneer, a family owned business focused on specialty laminates, committed to customer service, and in business for over 50 years. InteriorArts is available through our international distributor network, or direct in locations where the company has no distribution. See the entire hpl design laminate collection at