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Haworth, Inc. produces a broad collection of office furniture, including raised access floors, moveable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage, and wood casegoods. With a vision to change the way interior spaces are designed and built, Haworth seeks to translate business goals into physical environments.


Founded in 1948 as a family business, Haworth now has a global network of 600 dealers. With 83 showrooms across the globe and manufacturing sites in North America and abroad, Haworth is able to serve more than 120 countries. Still, the company has remained true to its roots, considering itself "more Main Street than Wall Street, offering a personal touch on a global platform." In the United States, Haworth has production facilities in Michigan and North Carolina.

  • Castelli For Haworth — The Castelli collection originates in Italy, in Centro Studi Castelli, a family-run design studio that shares Haworth's philosophy to "design from within." In fact, Giancarlo Piretti, who created the iconic Pila Chair, was a long time employee of Castelli's in-house design studio. His Pila Chair combines steel and plastic with "an innovative 3-disc hinge." Pila is only one of many timeless pieces imported from Europe as part of the Castelli for Haworth Collection.
  • Enclose Moveable Walls with Frameless Glass — Designed by Nathan Shedd, one of Haworth's own designers, the Enclose Moveable Walls with Framless Glass (EFG) has a minimalist design with "an almost endless span capability and includes options such as frameless corners, faceted arcs, and plinth-less, full-height, pivot, or glass slab doors." The clean design, low base profile, and crisp translucency make EFG ideal for storefront applications and conference spaces.
  • Reside Desking — Designed by Dan West, Reside Desking responds to the way people work today—collaboratively. West explains, "The presence of Reside is light, clean, and simple in its geomtery." Created to give individuals personalized adjustability, Reside blends choice with European design and North American ergonomics: "This highly personal desking line spans a wide range of applications and integrates to support the most dynamic work environments."
  • Very Task Chair — The idea behind the Very Task Chair is to "design a chair that balanced being dynamic but then not dominating the space." Light and streamlined, Very is so very accommodating: arms move up and down and side to side; adjustable lumbar support moves to where users need it; and the seat moves front and back to respond to an individual's height. All adjustments can be made quickly and easily, making the Very Task Chair ideal for conference rooms and other spaces with multiple users.

Haworth prides itself on providing solutions. It remains the only major furniture manufacturer that also provides architectural solutions such as floor-to-ceiling walls, raised platforms, and lighting. These features make Haworth a one-stop shop for customers seeking to create high-quality office environments.The company has proven its worth with its longevity and stability: Haworth is the only large furniture manufacturer to have never reported a financial loss.









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