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Dornbracht, established in 1950, matured from a family firm to global leader in high-end bathroom fittings and accessories. The company's product range, which also includes kitchen fittings, is differentiated by its high-quality production and innovative designs, a rare combination of vision and roots. Beyond the products themselves, Dornbracht has proven a serious commitment to art and culture.


Dornbracht’s design philosophy revolves around the “spirit of water”, focusing on the experiential nature of Dornbracht products rather than just aesthetics and form. The third-generation, family owned company is headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany and 100 percent of its products remain “Made in Germany”, a testament to their high quality (and precision).

Dornbracht’s longtime collaboration with designer Dieter Sieger first bore fruit in the form of the Domani single-level mixer and has continued in recent years with the iconic Tara. Today, Dornbracht and Sieger Design continue to “open new areas and set the bathroom free from its architectural limitations.”

  • Elio Kitchens require a combination of highly functional design and attention to aesthetics. Composed of round, tubular forms, Duravit's Elio is a contemporary single lever kitchen mixer with a soft, minimalist design. With its practical pull-out spray head, Elio, takes into account the various tasks one performs in a kitchen, from washing vegetables to washing up.
  • MEM Dornbracht's tagline, "The Spirit of Water", seems particularly evident through MEM. This bathroom fittings concept, with its flat, wide spout in lieu of the standard round form, makes water flow like a ribbon. MEM's mix-and-match fittings and modules allow for more flexibility, and a fresh approach to bathroom fittings.
  • Tara — Dornbracht's Tara is a design classic of the modern age. Introduced in 1992 by Sieger Design, the minimalist design became an archetype for modern bathroom fittings, solidifying Dornbracht's reputation as a trendsetting manufacturer. Tara has been the recipient of many design awards and remains one of Dornbracht's most successful fittings today. In 2002, Birkhäuser Verlag published "TARA. Armatur und Archetypus", a book dedicated to the faucet design. The Tara line now consists of Tara and Tara.Logic in the bathroom, and Tara , Tara Classic and Tara ULTRA (a new interpretation of the original Tara) in the kitchen.

Dornbracht’s sustained commitment to arts and culture manifests itself through Dornbracht’s Culture Projects (Edges, Statements and Installation Projects®). Mike Meiré, art director, artist, publisher, curator and meditator, serves as Dornbracht's Brand Director and has been at the visionary behind this series. Farm Projects is among the most widely recognized of Dornbracht's Culture Projects, addressing the notion of the kitchen as a sense of place and embracing "the richness of life that minimalism had taken away." A farm-like form housed live animals, plants, in 'orchestrated chaos’.

In 2008, Dornbracht launched Dornbracht Conversations, a platform to explore various schools of thought in architecture, art and design.





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