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Axolight USA INC

Axolight was founded in 1996 near Venice and is well known for its lamps made of different kind of materials (glass, metal, ceramic and more). Today Axolight offers lamps designed by worldwide renowned designers, which can be personalized and used in every area: residential, hospitality and business.

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  • +1 (203) 730 0452
  • 22 Shelter Rock Lane STE #104
  • Danbury CT 06810, USA


If Axolight were a colour, it would be red. Red is a deeply distinctive and passionate colour; it inspires us to imagine, project together with our designers, and finally assemble and produce items with a unique and functional design in our factory. At the end of the production process, thanks to a widespread and clever distribution, our lamps travel worldwide to give a touch of novelty to every project.

If Axolight were a job, it would be a tailor. A professional that receives his client and studies a product suitable for his body, that will not only dress him, but makes him more charming, as only a man at ease could be. Axolight does the same when it designs with the customer a lamp that not only lights up a space but also creates a synergic relationship with it, following its style and enhancing it. It’s not uncommon that while Axolight is looking for the right solution with the customer, a bespoke product comes into the world.

  • If Axolight were a tense, it would be the future. This inclination to be receptive to new markets and world trends has moved Axolight to change its logo and brand image two times, to internalize the production, to face and get to know the new technologies, such as LED lighting systems or innovative materials during the last 20 years. In this time period, the public and its tastes have evolved, and so Axolight year by year presents new collections or enlarges the existing ones.
    • If Axolight were a philosophy, it would be “Bespoke Design”, that means not only customized products but also a modus operandi which permeates in a widespread way every single function of the company. The result is a new catalogue, easy to understand and to use, a tailor-made working tool created for the designers’ and specifiers’ needs. This philosophy expresses itself through products in step with modern technological standards. It also means a more intuitive website that shows more with evocative images, rather than with the technical information, the aesthetical and functional value of lighting made by Axolight together with the most renowned designers on the international panorama: Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Rainer Mutsch, Timo Ripatti, Ryosuke Fukusada and many others.
    • The American branch, opened in 2009, is the result of the strong international impulse which has encouraged Axolight to offer a direct presence in over 90 countries all over the world. The birth of the two foreign branches, Axolight USA and Axolight Asia, have made Axolight capable of responding to any market’s needs in the most suitable ways, times and languages.

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