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West Coast manufacturer Arcadia offers seating and tables that are designed for corporate settings, education, government and healthcare institutions. A focus on innovation sets the company’s high quality manufacturing and great value apart as Arcadia maintains its service-centered business mentality – one that has seen through much of its growth since 1979.


Arcadia designs beautiful chairs, benches, tables, and conference room furnishings for lounges, waiting rooms, education facilities, and other commercial projects where high-quality contract furniture is desired. Minimalist and modern styles combine with endless possibilities to make up the Arcadia collection.

  • • Co-op. Taking its cue from the shared society of today, Co-op is all about bringing people together. Designed to function equally well in existing or new spaces, these open to semi-private meeting enclaves can be positioned anywhere and require no elaborate construction to create a custom built-in feel. Supremely comfortable and exceptionally versatile, Co-op is the essential collective for communicating, working and inspiring one another to achieve more. Designed by Qdesign.
  • • Livia. Livia is more than what it appears to be at first glance, prompting a second look to appreciate its subtle nuances. The scalloped wood beam design creates a wave-like effect that ebbs and flows in varying degrees based on the viewing angle, which is further enhanced by a step progression that takes shape along its side profile for another layer of depth. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Livia is as versatile as it is timeless. Designed by Christopher Panichella.
  • • Vero. Casual takes on new meaning with Vero, a collection of meeting tables that adds a heightened level of sophistication without all the formalities. Its signature base design is all about delivering power, from the raised 4-prong pedestal that accommodates floor monuments to its center column for housing cables. Yet, each table remains light in scale and offers a diverse menu of shapes, heights, sizes and finishes to fit in anywhere. A veritable meeting solution for all manners of gathering, Vero makes it easy to achieve purposeful and productive interactions every day. Designed by Ramsey Madsen and Jim Contois.
  • • Avelina. Beautifully structured, with an emphasis on subtle details and expert craftsmanship, Avelina is more than a pretty face. Concealed wire management, tech-friendly options and adjustable glides are among its true strengths, followed by its broad range of flexibility in sizes and finish selections. Well-suited for casual meeting spaces, co-working stations, collaborative areas and more, Avelina is the winning combination of style and substance for today's evolving workspaces.Designed by Ramsey Madsen and Jim Contois.
  • • Infinium. Combining balance and geometry with an ultra-modern vibe, Infinium offers compelling visual elements at every turn. While its distinctive front leg design supports the form, the legs themselves all but seem to disappear when viewed at different angles, creating a mystifying visual. Dramatic from all sides, this stunning display of innovative products seamlessly complements one another to deliver infinite possibilities. Designed by Michael Bemis.

Arcadia works diligently to maintain their solid reputation that supports their “intelligent environmental policies and practices” philosophy. Among more specific ways they make a difference through sustainability, Arcadia uses the following guidelines as staples to an overarching attention to dedicated detail::

  • • Research and implement life-cycle longevity through the design, engineering, manufacturing and future re-use of their products.
  • • Use and/or re-use recycled and recyclable components when possible in every design and redesign.
  • • Utilize renewable and sustainable sources of wood when possible.
  • • Control the generation, emission, and discharge of harmful substances and pollutants from manufacturing operations.
  • • Implement an office-wide push for the use of more recyclable materials in the office, marketing and shipping areas.

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