Surface Accessories

Surface Accessories are the behind-the-scenes players that aid or enable finished surfaces. Examples include flooring adhesives, backer-board for tile, mortar, wall compound, and sealants.

Sealants prevent deep-set stains by entering the pores of naturally absorbent materials (wood, stone, tile, or brick). Coatings offer surface protection against wear, damage, and degradation from UV light. Adhesives and grouts are used for tile and stone. Soft subflooring provides sound damping and comfort underfoot for carpet installations.

Accessory products that aid installation of a variety of surfacing materials including glass, metal, laminate, resin, and cork. Encompasses various mortars, grouts, and sealants as well as specialized adhesives for unconventional materials like metal and glass.

Moulding, window/door casement, and baseboards are decorative items that provide visual variation for walls. Doorstops and bumper rails protect walls in high-use venues like airports, schools, and hospitals. Fire-rated sealants are used for exterior venting of heat-generating appliances.