Open Plan Workstations

For the modern office, open plan workstations are a necessity. Tight, isolating cubicles and closed offices no longer work for today's collaborative working environments. Choose modular and paneled systems that allow for workers to interact, brainstorm, and create new solutions.

Open-plan systems that encourage collaboration by situating people in close proximity at open, bench-like work surfaces; may include storage, visual privacy, and media display options.

Sometimes referred to as desking systems, these spine-based, desk-based, table-based, wall-based or storage-based systems are not dependent on panels or frames to support work surfaces and other components. May include desk-mounted privacy screens or stanchions that support overhead storage or shelving.

Systems furniture that uses interconnecting vertical monolithic panels or frames with attaching skins to divide space, form workstations, support work surfaces and other components, and route power and data cables. Panels and frames may also be used with freestanding products.